Broker Service


The concept of the auto broker is not new. Much like a stock broker, the auto broker is the middle man that allows you direct access to the auto auction, the expert car buyer that facilitates a smooth and painless car buying experience. 

Our goal is to save you time, frustration and aggravation from the typical showroom dealer experience and potentially, also save you lots of money in the process. The idea of getting a new car is exciting, who doesn't like new things? But the reality usually turns out to be a headache.

This service allows you to avoid dealing with salesmen and sales antics and the thought that you may be getting ripped off. Avoid spending your weekends and free time going from dealer to dealer listening to sales pitch after sales pitch. Spend your time where it matters most, like with family and friends. Zenith was also started by technicians so on top of this, you get the added benefit of having a certified technician to talk to and look for your next car rather than a salesman.

A couple caveats to keep in mind, this service is not for everyone. It's for clientele that have cash or good credit. It's for people that know what they want and are ready to buy now. If you'd like to get started please take a look at our information package here (under construction, please call). See the link below to get an idea of what's coming up at the auctions. We like Toyota's and Honda's because we know those best but you can quite literally get anything.

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